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How do you tell your child the nanny is leaving?

How do you tell your child the nanny is leaving?

Telling a child that his beloved Nanny is going to leave his life can be a difficult situation for parents to face. The truth is however that life is complex and circumstances change. In the face of difficult choices, some Nannies leave over reduced hours while children start kindergarten. Most times a shift in the financial condition of parents needs the release of a Nanny. Or maybe a nanny just moved away from town, went back to school or got married and had her own family. Anyway, how do you help by telling a child the nanny is leaving?

Children under the age of three possibly would not find it hard to adapt to their lives until the Nanny leaves. But how much and when should the elderly be aware about these events? As a rule, children do not engage in the process until the adults determine.

ending a nanny relationship

You can tell your child if your baby has to leave, either with the Nanny present or with your child and then with the adults together first alone. Explain why your nanny is leaving as much as possible and in an age-appropriate manner. Trust your kid that the Nanny will no longer as it is about ending a nanny relationship with a child, and let your kid know that he or she will continue to maintain a connection with the Nanny through occasional visits or letters if she agrees. These measures will reassure your child that you are the decision maker and help all adults in their own transition to say goodbye to their nanny.

Pay attention to your child after your nanny has gone for signs of depression or withdrawal. Talk to your child and find out how he or she feels without her nanny. Explain that while the old Nanny is perfectly normal and OK, it is also OK to have fun and develop a special relationship with a new one.

Children tend to test limits when someone new is there so that your new Nanny is happy to discipline and gain respect from the very first day. Perhaps you can plan fun activities and after a couple of days the new Nanny can leave the kids alone and give them time to bind and form a relationship. It is a big step for kids to learn to trust someone new to their lives, so it is important to let kids know they are safe.