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Tips to reduce husband-wife quarrels at home

Tips to reduce husband-wife quarrels at home

Conflicts and struggles among couples in relationships or marriages are normal. But it is time to defuse it if these disagreements are regular and hit a point of intolerance. These struggles can happen at any point of the relationship. It can happen to newlyweds, baby couples, young couples and even in old age. Both spouses are responsible for sustaining a happy married life. All about compromise, sacrifice and sacrifices is marriage and relationships. And before they get out of control, it is necessary to defuse disputes between couples. Although there may be countless reasons why couples clash, and Tips to reduce husband-wife quarrels at home:

Various ways of life:

This is why problems occur in newly-weds between couples and affects both partners. The wife needs to abandon her family and conform to her husband’s home customs and the husband needs to forgive several activities he had done before marriage. If couples do not interact and respond to the needs of each other, this leads to conflicts. The approach here is to realize how things will be and start to improve. It is also best to draw up a list of activities to be carried out by both parties, but ensure that they do not become a dispute.



One of the most common conflicts among couples (early in marriage or after children) is about money. Different incomes of spouses and different principles of wealth management and expenditure can lead to disagreements on financial matters. Discussion is the only possible solution to this conflict. Discuss monthly spending, savings, investments and policies on insurance.


To have children is for many the greatest pleasure, but today many people are unable to have their own children. Couples are expected to discuss children or procreate before marriage. However each parent must share the duty to look after the baby after a child is born.



Early after marriage, the husband and wife will go on like a home, but it presents a big problem for each partner to adapt to the in-laws. This is a difficult issue, but every couple must ensure that the relationship with parents and in-laws does not affect the link between them.

Problems of communication:

In a marriage, miscommunication or lack of communication often exists. In order to prevent disputes, people often choose not to speak. Honesty is the safest policy, though. Sarcasm and conclusions from contact can also be avoided.