Why is it important to assert yourself?

Why is it important to assert yourself?

Identifying genuinely assertive conduct is not always straightforward. This is because there is a fine line between affirmation and hostility and people sometimes will misinterpret both. For this purpose, it is useful to describe both conducts in order to differentiate them clearly:

  • Assertiveness is equilibrium-based.

It allows you to be consistent about your needs while also taking into account the rights, needs and wishes of others. When you are confident, you are confident and draw strength from it to make your point solid, reasonable and empathetic.


  • Violent action is win-based.

You do what is in your best interest, regardless of other people’s feelings, needs,rights, or desires. The power you use is egotistical when you are violent. You can find it pushy or even bullying. Sometimes without thinking, you take steps for asserting yourself.

The benefits of assertiveness

One of the key advantages of being self-confident is that it will help you get a better understanding of who you are and the value you offer.

Assertiveness gives you many other advantages, both in the workplace and in other aspects of your life. Generally speaking, assertive people:

Make better managers. Make great managers. They do things by treating people with dignity and respect, and other people treat them in exchange the same way. This means they are also well-loved and respected as leaders for whom people want to work.

  • Discuss “win-win” options with success. You should understand the importance of your opponent’s position and find common ground with him easily.
  • Are better doors and solvers of problems. They feel motivated to do what they need to find the right solution to the challenges they face.
  • They’re less concerned and anxious. They feel optimistic and they don’t feel victimized or threatened if things don’t go according to schedule or expectations.